Reception & verification

  1. Your well-protected cards are received.

  2. We immediately proceed to a content and card check under a high definition camera.
    During this step, the list of cards, the declared value and the potential errors are checked.
    If there is an error in the value or description of the card, the processing is temporarily suspended and the customer is contacted.

  3. After verification, the cards are safely placed in our storage zone to be processed according to the chosen level of service (Eco, Express or Super-Express).


Inspection and grading

  1. Each card is gently removed from its sleeve. The sleeves and toploaders are kept and will be sent back to you.

  2. We determine if the card is authentic through a series of thorough tests (visual verification / under intense light and black light / weight / color-matching).

  3. They are then analyzed according to our 4 criteria under reflective light to detect any potential defects.
    The surface of the card is examined under several professional magnifiers.

  4. The analysis of the centering is done with our custom-made tools. Each generation of cards has its own specific grid, front & back, for every TCG we grade.


Justification of the grades

During the process, grades are explained on the GradeReport®, a specific report that will be given to you for each certification.
Our experts indicate card defects on our certification software using a stylus. This allows us to provide a highly accurate and easily understandable online version of the GradeReport®.
The 4 final grades previously determined are reconfirmed at this stage.


Label printing

The labels are printed automatically from the database and the data is checked again.
We have specific printers and inks for each type of label.

Your label will be white if your card gets a 9.5 grade or below. For cards that get a 10, a Gold or Black Label will be printed.
For more information on these special labels see our Grading System.


GradeReport® printing

Once the GradeReport is generated from our software, it is printed on a thick cardboard sheet with silver stamping.
This allows future buyers of CCC graded cards to ensure that the GradeReport® is official and printed by CCC Grading.

This printed version of the GradeReport is provided free of charge as a supplement to the online GradeReport®.


Ionization of the slab

A process that combines ionization and compressed air blasting is used to treat cases against static electricity so that no micro-dust can be lodged inside the holder when encapsulating.


Ionization is a process that sends pulses of ions (electrically charged particles) to neutralize the static charge of an object.


Ultrasonic welding

The card is carefully positioned in its housing and the label in its slot. The holder is then sonically welded using an ultrasonic machine (made in Switzerland).

Your card is now certified and the case is sealed. There is no way to open it without breaking it.


Post-Grade Imaging

This service is offered for cards with high declared value (or if you have subscribed to the option).
The card is photographed (Front & Back) in high definition on a black background in our professional studio.
These photos will be visible on the online GradeReport® page of the card.
A scan of the QR Code on the back of the card will display this page.


Final check and shipping

  1. When the order is fully processed, the cards are checked, packaged and protected.

  2. The order is then scanned with a barcode to inform you of the end of the processing.

  3. The final package is placed in the secure shipping area and will be shipped the same day.

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