Discover : GradeReport® 2.0

The GradeReport® is a complete, accurate and easy to understand grading report.
Since January 2023, all GradeReports are available online on our website.
GradeReport® is a registered trademark of CCC Grading.

Grading certificate for trading cards: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, MTG

Benefits of the GradeReport® 2.0

  • Cloud-stored grading certificate

    Online GradeReport® - Unalterable

  • Printed Grading Report

    Printed GradeReport® - With silver-stamping

  • Precise and justified grading

    Explained grading - Easy to understand

  • Explanation of the impact of each criteria

    Legend available - Know the impact of each defect

  • Transparency on card grading

    Transparency - For future purchasers of the card

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Understanding the GradeReport®

The GradeReport® works with annotations to make the information easy to read and effective.
On the online GradeReport® of each CCC graded card, a legend allows to understand the impact of each defect.

Legend of the GradeReport®

Impact des critères de notation CCC Grading

When analyzing your GradeReport®, there are two things to remember:

  • The type of defect is more important than the quantity of annotations.
    Example: A single mention "P3" will have a greater impact on the rating than dozens of mentions "R1 and "R2".

  • On the legend, the impacts are given as an indication and can vary.
    The grading of collectibles is complex: many special cases exist. For these, the impact may be different from the one presented on the legend.

Grading of factory defects by CCC Grading

Our experts know perfectly when a defect on a card is a result of factory manufacturing.

This is because new cards (such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh or MTG) often have factory defects such as :

  • Print Lines
  • D.U.I = Imperfect Factory Cut (Corners & Sides)
  • Stains or printing defects
  • Crease lines due to factory rollers
  • Factory Silvering

At CCC Grading, we minimize the impact of all factory defects on the grading. However, they are not overlooked.
As an example, a "Pr.L" (Print Line) area only takes 0.5 points off the surface grade.

Consult a GradeReport®

Consult a GradeReport of a CCC graded card

9 digits

You can view an example of GradeReport® by entering the following number: 325 237 568

The official page (full screen) can be found here: CCC Card Consultation

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