These are the Shipping Guidelines for French & EU customers ONLY.

If you are located outside the European Union (Switzerland, UK, USA, Japan etc.), you must follow this guide : International shipping Guidelines.


Print the order summary

Print the order summary that we sent to you via email. It can also be found on your account or on the order confirmation page. 

Check the list and make sure your cards are in the same order.

ⓘ If you have used the "Quick-add" option, it is normal that the information is incorrect, the information will be corrected by our teams.


Protect your cards

Protect your cards with a new sleeve. Then insert each card into a card saver (ideal) or a toploader.

We recommend that you do not send your cards in tight sleeves (Pro-Fit / Perfect-fit).

We do NOT return heavy rigid protective cases (ex: Ultimate Guard). These make the package heavier and increase shipping costs.

If you use toploader, do not use adhesive tape. Use rubber bands instead.
We do NOT return toploaders if they are too dirty or have sticky areas (tape).


Pack your cards

Pack your cards in the order shown on the recap, making sure to wedge them in.

To optimize your processing time, keep unpacking simple:

  • Use two pieces of rigid cardboard + rubber bands to hold your cards together. Then you can use bubble-wrap to wedge them in the center of the package.
  • Keep the use of adhesive tape to a minimum (or do not use any).


Insert the summary in the package

The order recap is essential. It will allow us to scan your parcel on receipt, so that we can notify you and link it to your order.


Stamp and send the package

Check the address and stamp your package. You can do this on the Internet or in a post office.

We strongly recommend that you send with signature / insurance (registered letter for example).

The tracking number is mandatory.

We accept letters and packages. We also accept all European countries' official postage service.

Send your package to :
CCC - Service reception
BP 20020

Please read the FAQ and additional information in the section below.

You are responsible for the shipment. Make sure you keep your proof of shipment.

We take care of the rest!
You will be notified upon receipt

Additional Information & FAQ


    Please keep track of your delivery.

    Contact us if the parcel has been waiting at the collection point for more than one full working day (excluding weekends). More information in the FAQ below.

    Please do not send via private carriers (UPS / Chronopost / DHL / DPD etc.).

    They do not deliver to P.O boxes.
    If you have a very high value shipment and still wish to use a private carrier, please contact

    Do not write "CCC Grading" on the package.

    Please specify exactly "CCC - Service Réception".