Why should you grade your Trading Cards ?

Trading Card Grading has existed for more than 30 years.
Graded cards have proven to be a must in every collection.

Dark magician dark duel stories GFTP 128 graded by CCC


  • Pokemon, Yugioh and MTG card protection

    Protect your cards to maintain their condition

  • Third party expert card grading

    Get a fair and impartial expert grading

  • Secured sale of graded TCG cards

    Offer transparency and a guarantee of quality on your next transactions

  • High value tcg card

    Embellish your collection and increase its value

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How to choose a Card Grading company ?

Today, card grading is essential for building your collection.
CCC is a premium certification service: unrivalled expertise and top-of-the-range products.
Here are the criteria to consider when selecting your card grading company.

The slab

It is important to distinguish a custom-manufactured slab from an online-purchased slab on a reselling website.


Comparison of a CCC card grading slab

Comparison: CCC slab (left) and a classic slab (right)

The CCC Grading advantage

Thin & Strong

Our slabs are exceptionally slim, enhancing the beauty of the card while remaining robust and durable.


We have chosen the most transparent material to highlight all the details of the card.

French manufacturing

Developed in collaboration with our French partner, expert in plastic manufacturing since 1960.

Perfect-fit frame for each card

The inner frame of the holder is available in several versions to fit the dimensions of each card (even Yu-Gi-Oh).


Unique. Ultrasonically welded all around. Waterproof. CCC logo strategically placed.

Quality & Investment

We worked on Research & Development for more than a year to make our slabs perfect. An investment that proves our long-term ambition.

The slabs in detail

Which cards cannot be graded ?

These categories of cards do not meet our certification criteria or we are unable to authenticate them.
They will be returned without any treatment.

Oversize / Jumbo cards

We only grade standard size cards (8,8x6,3cm) and Japanese size cards (8,6x5,9cm). Oversize or jumbo cards will be refused.

Torn cards

If your card is torn or extremely damaged (e.g. adhesive tape or other extreme treatment), we will not analyze it, it does not fit our certification criteria.


Cards that don't belong to the main TCG

Cards that are not part of the original game.
This includes cards such as: Stickers / Online Game Bonus Cards / MTG Planes / MTG Minigames etc.
Exceptions may apply.

Cards or packages that have been damaged during transit

It is important to protect your shipment so that this does not happen. Please follow the Shipping guide.

Cards allowed but not sealed

These cards are authorized for an authentication attempt but will not be case sealed during our process.
You will receive a GradeReport™ explaining the reason for refusal. The service remains at the same rate.

Counterfeits / Fake cards

You may have questions about the authenticity of a card. You may send us such cards for authentication attempt.
If they are found to be fake, they will not be sealed, but you will receive a GradeReport™ indicating the reason for rejection.

“Re-backed” cards

This fraudulent practice is mainly done on some Yu-Gi-Oh and MTG editions.
In order to detect them, we analyze each card under several types of powerful lights (white, UV) indicating the uniformity of printing, which signals the slightest internal defect of the card.
The card can also be accurately weighed and compared to references.

«Trimmed» cards

Cards with any sign of cutting, even a slight one.
This can be considered a fraudulent practice on certain types of cards (the most famous example is the Beta edition of Magic The Gathering).

«Inked» cards in the form of writings / drawings

Note: Cards with ink in a hidden location or that seems intended to hide a flaw will be encapsulated without grading ("A" Grade), with the mention "Inked" and "Altered (Intentional)".
Cards with ink NOT intended to mask a defect will be graded and encapsulated with the "Inked" mention.

Altered / intentionally modified cards

Card with drawings, customizations or modifications that change the appearence of the original card.

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